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...i think i can   
12:21pm 29/12/2012
  I was a little frown last night so I cleaned my room. I figure that if I can't have fun at least I can feel better about something later, right? 2013 is around the corner, probably gonna get crazy for the eve.  
08:03pm 24/07/2010
  went out into rainstorm today. felt like a rebirth. I'm sure it's a false alarm.  
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10:03pm 19/05/2010
  Chinese: B
Calc 2: B
C++: B
Could B Better. Could B Worse.
Next up, Java at CSU. Gooooo VIKINGS!

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04:53pm 09/02/2010
  February is always nice... in AZEROTH!

I guess nothing has blown up yet... for me. Some others, not so much. I'm still predicting disaster though! I hold the line!
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05:28am 18/12/2009
  A in chinese

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PTQ = Total Failed   
07:49pm 13/12/2009
  So I went with amanda to the pro tour qualifier tournament in MAGIC: THE GATHERING. I played horridly and rapidly lost 2 rounds. I turned myself around after that but by then it was too late. Ah well, so it goes, just gotta learn for next time. My friend Ethan who came with us top 8'ed and got a box for his troubles.
All in all it was pretty cool.
My favorite magic celebrity, Patrick Chapin was there oddly. I guess he fell off the pro tour and is just going to every ptq he can now. He got cut out of the top 8 on tie breakers. After thinking he was already in the top 8, he intentionally drew with his last round opponent. If he had played that match instead of drawing, he could have made it in.
so it goes... either way, I got to meet him and make an ass of myself.
Well, time to study for finals. ciao.
Not a lot of things I hear/read these days really get to me, but...   
02:11am 07/12/2009
mood: nauseated
I don't know how to make one of those neat 'you have to click on this link here to read this' things, a cut or whatever it's called, but if I knew how to do that I would say something like:

"If Thinking About Rape Really Messes With Your Life, Do Not Click Here"

and then if you clicked it would take you to a post talking about how I just read about how common forced orgasms during sexual assaults on females were, based on research from rape clinics and testimonials.
Then I would go on to talk about how pleased I am to never have experienced such a response to my body, and how just reading about it made my stomach hurt and my head spin, and how I wish I never encountered the information in the first place, because I feel more than enough horror at the meeting of body and mind without having to hear about that particular phenomenon.

But since I don't know how to do that cool 'click here to read' trick, I guess I won't make that post.

When it comes time to advance to some sort of transcendental future society where we exist as pure energy... count me in.

EDIT: If anyone reads this, and this has happened to them, god damn that has to be some total bs to deal with. Talk about bad breaks. If you dealt with it OK, way to be, you're a superhero.
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Like, NO ONE will care about this, but...   
01:02pm 06/12/2009
  I did well in the 2009 Magic:The Gathering ohio state champs on saturday.
Went 5-2 and had to leave early with my ride before I could play for top 16 and maybe win a prize or two.
In her defense, 8 rounds is kind of a long day when you are out of prize contention.
Technically I went 4-3 because at my last round opponent was a cool guy and I didn't want to knock him out of contention when I had to leave immediately anyway, so I just set up the game three win on the board, and right before I swung for fatal damage, I offered the hand. He was really pleased, and it was nice to do something cool for a stranger. States was a blast, and the people were generally really nice (some jerks, but that's to be expected).
I'd say the average age of a tournament magic player seems to be between 21-30. So if you used to play, and you are looking for a hobby to dump time and energy into, the best game evah is waiting for you. e-mail me at jemcheeta at gmail dot com if you're interested!
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10:15am 02/11/2009
   Here's a follow up.  I loved what livejournal used to be. A combination of lack of interest and new services like twitter and facebook have, I feel, taken away from regular lj users.  Also, the ebb and flow of internet traffic has dwindled. There are other free services such as blogspot and wordpress, like I said...
Is there any support in, if not a mass migration, a mass exploration of another medium? Another one that is specifically centered on text/picture
posting as opposed to whatever they call what happens on myspace/facebook (profile development? flashgames? Whatever.)
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04:38am 30/10/2009
   I'm probably going to bail on livejournal soon.  I don't know who lurks on here, or whatever, but I think there are a few people that I only have connections through these days on this forum.  So.  If you read this, post a reply with an alternate method of getting ahold of you if you want me to have access, and I'll send you alternate contact info for me.
This site has really fallen to pieces, and there are other alternatives (like blogspot, word press, etc) that might get more activity. 
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01:03am 22/10/2009
  I want to preface this so it doesn't sound cryptic, because this is just the kind of thing that if you read it you would think " Oh, he's talking about something specific.  What is he alluding to? What could he gain by saying this?"
And I want to be clear: I am saying this so that everyone knows it, and everyone knows when they deal with me that this is just part of the deal.  If you want to interact with me, it's just a cost to do business.  Most people who know me well already know this to some degree or another. So ok, preface is over:

I am not an honest person.  I don't have very much fidelity to the truth at all.  It's just not my thing.  I understand other people are into it, and I don't hold it against them.  Is it a disrespect to others? Maybe. I don't know. I know I'm not a malicious person, and I know that I care deeply about my friends and loved ones.  But seriously. I am a big liar.  Just putting it out there.  If you catch me lying, you can be angry, betrayed, hurt, cut me out of your life, whatever.  But don't be surprised... that's who I am. Maybe I'll be different later, but honestly, I'm not really working towards it either. I have bigger fish to fry.  Like Magic: the Gathering, Computer Science. 

Seriously though, this isn't about anything specific, I just think that people deserve fair warning (no I don't) and I don't want them to be surprised (Yes I do).  This doesn't exonerate me, it isn't an excuse or an explanation. Just a warning. Do with it whatever you want.  


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12:21pm 20/05/2009
  Really odd, I plan on being single for awhile for the first time in my dating life.  It'll be insecure for a bit, but hopefully I'll adjust.

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As part of a trend for me...   
02:34pm 22/04/2009
  I'm going to be getting rid of my current livejournal account.  Unlike my facebook and myspace accounts however, I WILL be restarting a new livejournal and carrying over as many people as want to remain on my list to the new one.  So.  If you want to be on the new livejournal, please comment on this thread.  I'll repost this a couple of times in case someone misses it.

Thanks in advance.
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10:21pm 20/04/2009
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05:05pm 03/03/2009
  A year from now,
they'll swing back
to the belief...
that they can make people...

And I do not hold to that.
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I feel fantastic! =D   
07:30pm 03/02/2009
07:32pm 02/02/2009

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12:47am 23/01/2009
  So I'm back at school now. The rampant instability has faded, but mostly into a sort of stable, circumstance driven panic. I'm taking calculus 2, linear algebra, and computer science. So I haven't been in a math class in like 8 years, and I also don't remember anything about math in general. I'm attacking the subject from every angle, but I might just be bad at it. If it turns out that is the case, my current semester would be doomed, I (read: My Parent) would be out five thousand dollars, and my student loan payments would resume. Failure is not an option, obviously. I'm an atheist, but if you aren't, give a shout out to the man upstairs for me.
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06:59am 11/01/2009
  if was is, is is was?  
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04:57pm 06/01/2009
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